We are lucky to have a team of coaches giving a wide range of styles and experience. As a club we have grown rapidly and last season was one for consolidation and time to grow organically our coach base.

The #teamred so far…

Liz Johns (UKCC L2) coaches our Seniors, our Fitness specialist, and also our Chair. Liz ensures coaches keep on track with the latest CPD courses and facilitates our regular coaches meetings. With her knowledge in muscle injury she is our go to person for advice about injury management. Liz plays Defence for Berkshire Premier League and LP Hurricanes

Jill Fredericks (UKCC L1) coaches our Seniors and also our Club Treasurer. Jill plays GK/GS for LP Whirlwinds

Vicky Hellowell (UKCC L2) coaches our Berkshire Prem squad

Elaine Maxwell (UKCC L2) coaches our Back to Netball sessions. Elaine plays Defence for LP Tornadoes

Kerry Oliver (UKCC L2) coaches our Back to Netball sessions. Kerry plays GA for LP Tornadoes

Caran Smith (UKCC L2) coaches our Back to Netball sessions and Juniors

Michala Morgan-Jones (UKCC L2) coaches our Juniors and is our Club Secretary. Michala plays WD/WA for LP Whirlwinds

Tamryn Lawrence (UKCC L1) coaches our Juniors. Tamryn plays GD/WD and is Captain for LP Whirlwinds

Debbie Horn (UKCC L1) coaches our Juniors and is also the Juniors Administrator. Debbie plays WA for LP Thunder