We are lucky to have a team of coaches giving a wide range of styles and experience. As a Club we have grown rapidly since we started and we continue to strengthen our coaching team.

Meet our #TeamRed!

Dawn Edwards - Head Coach

Dawn Edwards (UKCC L2 – working towards her L3) is our Club Head Coach and coaches our Berkshire Prem/U19s squads.

Debbie Horn - Junior Lead Coach

Debbie Horn (UKCC L2) is our Junior Lead Coach.

Liz Johns - Senior Lead Coach

Liz Johns (UKCC L2) is our Senior Lead Coach.

Jill Fredericks

Jill Fredericks (UKCC L2) coaches our U18s, U16s & Seniors. She is also our Junior Club Treasurer.

Natasha Hall

Natasha Hall (UKCC L2) coaches our U18s and is also our Junior Vice Chair.

Tracey Woods

Tracey Woods (UKCC L2) coaches our U13s and is also our Junior Kit Coordinator.

David Lyons

David Lyons (UKCC L2) coaches Dev Squad (Lightning) and U18s. He is also our Junior Club Secretary.

Laura Pitcher

Laura Pitcher (UKCC L2) coaches our U11s and is our CAPS Coordinator.

Helen Jewkes

Helen Jewkes (UKCC L2) coaches our U12s.

Charlotte James

Charlotte James (UKCC L2) coaches our Mini-Netters & U14s Red.

Kelly Cooper

Kelly Cooper (UKCC L2) coaches our U19s.

Claire Dale

Claire Dale (UKCC L1) coaches our U14s.

Brooke Green

Brooke Green (UKCC L1) coaches our Juniors.

Tasha Aren

Tesha Aren (UKCC L1) coaches our mini-netters.

Ellie Wilding

Ellie Wilding (UKCC L1) coaches our U18s.

Megan Allen

Megan Allen (UKCC L1) coaches our Juniors.