Training Costs

Every club member pays fees to train across the season.

For 2023 / 2024 our annual fees are £200 split into four installments (4 x £50). This covers training and coaches costs.

If you would like to play but the fees are an issue then please let us know.

England Membership

As a member you must also be a member of England Netball so that you are insured to play. To do this you must make an account on ENgage. Please visit the England Netball website if you require further help on how to set up an account.

Match Fees

For each match which you play, you must pay £4 / £5 (depending on your team). This is to cover league fees and umpire fees. These fees are separate to the Club fees.

Laurel Park Kit

Finally, each club member will need to purchase a Laurel Park Netball Dress to play matches and represent the club in black and red! We also sell other training kit which is optional and is available to purchase.