Lisa Wise

Lisa sadly passed away on April 2nd 2017 after a short battle with Ovarian Cancer. She spent her last few days in the Duchess of Kent Hospice in Reading where she was with her family and the most compassionate staff. Lisa was a loving wife and an inspirational mother to three sons and a netball coach/leader/mentor/genius to so many in Berkshire.

Lisa was more commonly known as ‘Netball Lisa’ among the netball world. Her passion for the sport was astounding, she had a vision to make netball accessible to all and she made that a reality; she fought for new courts to be built for the local community and was frequently heard on the local radio promoting and talking all things netball. Lisa was the founder of Laurel Park Netball Club, starting out with a few Mums who watched football on the side lines. It quickly grew into a club of well over 100 members ranging from 6-60 and teams in division 4 through to the Premier League. Her mission was to encourage anyone and everyone to play and she certainly achieved this. Lisa built 8 teams within Laurel Park, ran mixed charity events, made regular appearances on the radio and even had a debut on BBC’s The One Show. Lisa really was an incredible woman, she has touched so many people’s lives with her kindness, generosity, happiness and positivity for well, everything!

As well as being a mum, wife and working full time, she was on the committee for Berkshire Premier Netball League, Bracknell District Netball League and was the media correspondent for Berkshire netball. She was also working her way towards her Level 3 coaching qualification and volunteered for England Netball developing grassroots. You could guarantee if netball was mentioned, Lisa would be there!

Lisa’s family and the club are keen not to let her passing be in vain. Her legacy will live on through all the girls in Laurel Park and they will continue to wear black and red with pride. However, the family and the club’s efforts now turn to promoting awareness of Ovarian Cancer. Fundraising events will be held regularly and awareness of the signs and symptoms will be promoted with support from Target Ovarian Cancer.

Lisa was known for her banter, her laughs and her huge personality and for that we are all so grateful and honoured to have known her and been a part of her life.