Lisa Wise Day 2023

Welcome to Lisa Wise Day 2023! Here you will find all the information which you need including the structure of the day and fixtures.

Fixtures and Umpires

The fixtures and umpiring schedule can be found here: LWD 2023 – Fixtures and Umpires


Please arrive in time for the briefing at 9:45 for the games to start at 10:00am. It is scheduled to finish between 2:30-3pm.

What do your teams need?

  • Bibs / Patches – if you don’t have any then please let us know as we will have spare sets. Also, if you have patches, then please bring overheads if you have them in case of colour clashes! We will have some spare bibs which you can find at the main table.
  • Match Balls – If you have a match ball then please bring this along with you. But if you don’t have one this is not a problem and we will have spares on the day.
  • First Aid Kit – it would be beneficial if you could bring a first aid kit if you have one. We will have ours with us, but there will be limited supplies of kit. If you need anything throughout the day, then please come and ask one of the committee members.

What will we provide?

  • Scorecards
    • When you register in the morning, you will be provided scorecards for all the games you are required to score.
    • The scorecards provided will be blank so please ensure you note down the correct teams names by asking who is playing.
    • After each game you play, you MUST score the next game on the same court. Scorecards are then to be given to the main table after the game.


  • We have lots for you to do when you aren’t playing. We will have the following:
    • Raffle – £5 per strip with some superb prizes on offer:
      • Pamper Hamper
      • Loddon Valley Soft Play & Family Swim Voucher
      • Full body massage voucher
      • Ear buds
      • Candles
      • Weber BBQ
      • Tetley Tea Hamper
      • Wine & Prosecco
      • 1 month membership at Palmer Park
      • Chocolate Hamper
      • Stanlake Park Fizz & Chocolates
      • And much, much more!
    • Cakes – a variety of cakes available to buy (we are also looking for volunteer cake bakers!)
    • Wine Bottle Game – always a favourite, we will be running a wine bottle game where you have the chance to win a bottle of wine for just £1!
    • Number of Sweets in the Jar
    • Shooting Game – how many shots can you score in 1 minute with a prize.
    • Hot and cold drinks

SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR TEAMS BRING CASH ON THE DAY!! We will have a card machine for some purchases.


There will not a a food stall on site this year, so please bring lunch with you. However, we will have a scrumptious variety of cakes on offer. Plus, hot & cold drinks throughout the day.


  • Parking is available within the school in two car parks (please see map of the site). HOWEVER, we potentially have nearly 350 people attending and the car park is just not that big. Therefore, please, please, please car share as much as possible (including you, Laurel Park!). If the car park is full you will need to find parking elsewhere not at the school. Please give yourself enough time to get to the school and to walk over if required. We will have some helpers guiding you through the car parks and letting you know when it is full.

Team Set Up

  • We should have access to two of the courts which we can’t use for playing on. You are welcome to bring chairs, blankets, gazebos etc. You can also use the grass located behind the courts as your base. Please be close enough to hear the hooter!

Under 18’s

  • We are really pleased to see such a mix of teams, and this includes under 18’s. If you have any under 18’s in your team then a responsible adult(s) (over 18) must be present for each team throughout the day. Laurel Park Netball Club will not be responsible for any Under 18’s.


  • We want to take lots of photos of the day including (hopefully) a tournament photo of all our teams. If any players do not want to be in photos then please let us know before the event so we can make sure this is covered.

Matches / Playing

  • We have 4 playing groups.
  • The fixtures will be sent by email to your team contacts and included on this webpage. To keep the day flowing please keep an eye on when you should be playing and which court.
  • The courts are labelled on the diagram. Generally, most divisions will be playing on the same courts but this may not always be the case so make sure you know where you need to be.
  • Each match will have two umpires. The umpires are volunteering their time so please be respectful. This is a charity / social tournament.
  • Each match will run as follows:
    • 6 minutes each way
    • Straight swap
    • 2 minutes between each game.
  • You must have a minimum of 5 players on court. We are happy for you to borrow players (e.g. if you get an injury) but for fairness, please try to only borrow either in your division or the division below you. If this is a problem then please come and let one of the committee know.
  • There will be a central timer. Please listen out for the start of the games.
  • The ‘home’ team will have the first centre pass.
  • The scoring will be as follows:
    • Win – 3 points
    • Draw – 2 points
    • Within Half – 1 point
    • Loss – 0 points
  • You are required to score the game after which you have played. Please bring your blank scorecard to the game and fill out the team details.
  • After each game, the scorecards should be taken to the main table.