Coaching Philosophy


Engage: Meaningful communication with my players, feedback to and from my players. Players engage with each other proactively.  Engagement in the Coaching community to learn new styles, strategies and build relationships. Engage & welcome all levels of netball making it accessible.

Enrich: Make what we do have a purpose. Enjoy what we do. Transfer what we learn to the court and into other areas of life  – respect, ambition, teamwork, self confidence, problem solving, decision making. Be better than we were before !

Achieve: Have a goal, set it and go for it! Challenge yourself –  my role is to help players achieve, their role is to be responsible for their effort. Achievement will mean different things to individuals – there is no wrong answer.

Underpinning this philosophy are some core elements

  • SAFE ENVIRONMENT –  Safe through injury prevention, safeguarding etc ; Safe to make mistakes – we learn from mistakes, we need to take risks in our training so we know what works and what doesn’t, what we are good at and what we need to work on; Safe to be open & honest – say what we feel.
  • PRINCIPLES – How we play ( tenacious,together, smart ); How we train ( with intensity, purpose and challenge ); How we set goals ( Outcome, Process and Performance ); Reward effort not ability.
  • COMMUNITY – Netball is a team sport, and our teams are social, supporting teams; the Club is a social, supporting Club. We want to create a sense of belonging for players – whatever their ability.
  • INDIVIDUAL – To recognise a player as a person – what motivates them – how do they learn –  and for them to understand their individual responsibility in effort, reliability & respect.

The ultimate aim is GROWTH for the player as a person, as a netballer, as a team member.