Whirlwinds 29 v 35 Mortimer

Whirlwinds took on Mortimer &  having lost last time 72-20ish we wanted to go out fighting. That we did!

Although we got slightly behind in first quarter we made sure we defended ever time which forced some errors and intercepts. Chloe Lister’s (GA) shooting was on fire from the beginning and couldn’t miss. The second quarter we stormed on and scored more goals than Mortimer but couldn’t quite catch them. In the Third quarter we let them increase their lead with a few silly mistakes buts with a bit of change between Chloe and Emily Ballinger (GS) in positions saw Emily come back fighting and again we decreased their lead but couldn’t quite make it to win.

Final score Whirlwinds 29 – Mortimer 35

Great defending and mid court play, I am a very proud captain again today as I saw a real team improvement, all that training is paying off. Also a big thank you to Jill Fredericks for her support on the side lines it kept us going, hope the back improves.

POM Michala Morgan-Jones (WA)