Raptors 40 v 44 Athena

Raptors vs Athena – 1:30 – Prem
Athena are a top notch team so we went into the game with a some nerves. But we settled in to the quarter and remembered to play our game with confidence – the result we were 12-6 down but back on the front foot.
Confidence in check and a high work ethic we managed to win the next 3 quarters!!!! but it wasn’t quiet enough to close the first quarter lead Athena had, ending the game 44-40 to Athena.
To quote our wonderful supporters (Kate, Sophie, Laura, Jill, Lisa) “it was a great game to watch” “great team effort” also a big thank you as ever, your support it is priceless! 💙
POM goes to Charlotte Ostrowski (GA) , epic long range shooting! Loved having you on court as ever!
So until next week…