Cyclones 7 v 18 Checkpoint

Cyclones started well against Checkpoint in an exciting match with great sportsmanship shown by both teams. The play was fairly evenly matched but lots of interceptions and tips meant Cyclones kept some possession the first half. However, exceptional shooting from Checkpoint widened the scoreline and at half time they were in the lead by five or so goals. Cyclones persevered and saw some lovely flowing play in the second half and superb defence all along the court which meant Checkpoint had trouble, at times, passing to their attack, and considerable disruption in the D. In the end Checkpoint pulled away and converted more of their play into goals and the game ended with a 18-7 scoreline. Well done to Beth O’Dwyer (GA) for well deserved POM award. Thank you for an incredibly varied and exciting season with great sportsmanship Cyclones.