Hurricanes 13 v 17 Tornadoes

Club derby tonight with Tornadoes against Hurricanes and what a game! Tornadoes started well, turning over Hurricanes’ first centre and scoring the first 3 goals. Sloppy play from both sides (contact, obstruction etc.) meant the play was stop-start throughout but this slower pace suited Tornadoes’ play. They worked the ball round the circle well and up court in attack and in defence Jill Fredericks (GK) and Sarah Stevens (GD) had their switching front and back working well. Elaine Maxwell (WD) was back after injury was also great for support up court. Final score was 17-13 to Tornadoes which I think cements a 2nd and 3rd place finish for Hurricanes and Tornadoes respectively which is great for the club. Great season and great final game ‪#‎blackandred‬