Hurricanes 50 v 24 Whiteknights

Well first match back and Hurricanes took on an experienced Whiteknights team. The game started even with both teams taking it slow, after what seemed a long summer break.
With a quarter pep talk from Coach Liz, who said we’d settled well and now just needed to pull away, we took on board her advice. GA (Megan Williams) and GS (Shelli Read) showed movement in the circle, rebounds and their shooting was on fire which propelled us into the lead.
GD (Sophie Grindey) and GD (Hannah Edmond) finally managed to get it together and talk, switching in the circle & working as a unit to take some great interceptions and turning the ball over.
All this carried on into the third quarter, C (Charley Frain), WA (Jade Ballinger) and WD (Clare Barbour) dominated the play up court, giving each other space, offering support when attacking and then making some well timed interception in the centre third.
The last quarter, we carried on, although for some lack of match play showed a little and we switched off a bit.
Finally score 50-24 to us. POM went to Jade Ballinger (WA), who fed well into the circle and made some great interceptions whilst defending down the court!
Very proud and happy captain