Raptors 41 v 30 B’s

Raptors took on B’s for the second match of the season and this fixture is always a closely fought one.
The aim was to play our game and but also to bring home a win!
Quarter one we pulled away a little finishing 10-7 ahead, helped by some great feeds in to our new defender come shooter Abbi who converted.
Quarter time coach Lisa gave her words of wisdom and asked us to settle down and stick to our 7+7 plan.
So over the next 3 quarters we put this into practice whilst played a variety of combinations. We all working hard as a team to get the results, winning each quarter: 21-14 / 29-24 / 41-30
We did it!! The win!! 41-30 final score.
Special thanks to Sophie for stats, water supplies and being enlisted as pseudo captain! Thanks also to Laura and Abbi’s other half for sideline support 😊
Congratulations to Megan who faugh hard, played well so received a well deserved POM (and for the half time oranges 🍊)