Storm 73 v 18 Wokingham Blue

With loads of injuries, LP had to seek 2 borrows to complete a team but thanks to Athena, they finally got the show in the road!

Q1 was a little disorganised with most learning to play with each other as we went but strong lead 19-3 despite some skilful play by the young Wokingham team.
Q2 saw the Athena shooting combination of Georgia Rule & Laura Gier-Jones sink almost every shot they took extending the lead to 41 – 8

Q3 the LP defensive circle pair really grew in communication with GK Ibiye Crook & GD Nicola Riddy stealing interceptions & rebounds nevertheless the Wokingham girls continued to work the circle well with determination

Q4 Wokingham continued with well disciplined, steady play rewarding them with a further 5 goals.
LP’s mid court of Clare Barbour (C) Zanna Oates(WA) & Kate Martin (WD) continued with good defensive pressure, rewarded with good turnovers & more opportunities in the attacking circle for the shooters to convert.

A great game with some fabulous young Wokingham players showing great tenacity & spirit all through the game. A big thanks to the superb Athena ladies who were flawless !

Final score LP Storm 73 – Wokingham Blue 18

LP (GK) Ibiye Crook
Wokingham (GS) Sammy Yates