Storm 23 v 28 Wokingham 2

Both teams came out strong, with Storm keeping up all the way through the first quarter with great accurate shooting by both Keeley Symonds (GS) and Katie Ralls (GA).

Second quarter saw it remain pretty close with some fab interceptions from Kate Martin (WD) turning over their ball and driving accurate passes up court with Susannah Oates (C/WA) and Hayley Young (WA/C) where we had great perseverance in getting the ball into the circle!

We started the second half only 4 down and although we played much better defensive play with Adele Brickley (GD) and Abbi Price (GK) turning over a few balls, Wokingham’s shooting was more accurate and they pulled away to win 28:23.

POM Zanna Oates (C/WA)