Thunder 23 v 21 Marcatus

Thunder took on Marcatus in what was a must win match if they were to secure promotion to Division 1.
Q1 saw some cautious play from both teams, neither wanted to give the other the upper hand early on and more often than not play was largely a battle in centre court. 7-7
Q2 Thunder knew in order to pull away they had to give them less respect and play their game. At the start of the Qtr Marcatus were all over us and pulled away, but towards the end of the Qtr Thunder sped up  centre court play, intercepted some key passes and brought half time score to 14-12.
Q3 – pressure and inevitable nerves were beginning to show but Thunder kept our heads and strength especially with some tough contesting all over the court – a low scoring Qtr largely due to interruptions in play with players on both side getting pinged for over zealous challenges and some tired legs, but Thunder maintained the lead 17-14.

Final Qtr was tense The scoreline was tight and the pressure from Marcatus was relentless. Thunder had to dig in deep, chase every ball, drag our tired bodies from one end of the court to the other, and also support one another through some challenging play, BUT we only went and did it!!! We won 23-21 !!!!

Subject to card check and no points deductions that sealed 2nd spot and promotion to D1
POM Laura Corscadden (GD)

Whoever said netball is a non contact sport lied, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!