Thunder 31 v 30 AssessTech Theale

An exciting and tense game for thunder this morning!!
We started badly and ended the first quarter 9-4 down against AssessTech Theale. We pretty much drew the second and third quarters and went in to the final quarter 5 down, but still determined that we would win……. and win we did !!!!!!

Amazing shooting in the final quarter from Dale Bonnie (GA) and Lauren Joslyn (GS), steely turnovers in defence from Abbi Price (GD/GK) & Ibiye Crook (GK/GD) and controlled play in centre court ( Charlotte McDonough (WD), Clare Barbour (C) & Debbie Horn (WA) meant we went ahead by 1 with about a minute to go! An exciting end to the match, think we just about gave Lucy Cousins on the sidelines a heart attack! Final score 31-30.
POM Ibiye Crook GK/GD with come amazing leaps !!!!!!