Whirlwinds 15 v 22 Razzlers

Laurel Park Whirlwinds vs The Razzlers
First quarter saw both teams slow to get started but Razzlers started to pull forward with good passes around the circle 6-3. Second quarter Razzlers pulled ahead with some great interceptions as Whirlwinds tried to pass the ball down court 11-5 to The Razzlers. Quarter three was much more evenly matched with Whirlwinds scoring more goals than Razzlers and bringing the score to 16-11 to Razzlers. A hard fought last quarter with Whirlwinds scoring 3 before Razzlers got any. The pressure on Razzlers saw them excel and pull away for an easy win. Final score 22-15 to The Razzlers.

POM Charlotte Seery GS