RDNL Sat 21st Feb 15 Match reports

Laurel Park Thunder (48) v (37) Mortimer

The first quarter was very fast paced, with both sides seeing lots of the ball. Thunders’ shooters were really accurate and helped their team pull away in the last 5 minutes of the quarter. Mortimer had a really strong start to the second quarter, with some excellent passing and scored 4 in a row without reply, but Thunder were still ahead at half time. In the next quarter, Thunder picked up the pace and netted 7 goals in 3 minutes! The final quarter was even, going goal for goal. Great scoring by Mortimer resulted in a strong quarter for them, but Thunder’s strength and teamwork kept them ahead the whole game. Much closer than when the teams met the first time this season though!

Storm (29) v (36) Laurel Park Hurricanes

The first quarter was dominated by Hurricanes, who made several mid court interceptions to turn over Storm’s centre passes. Storm fought harder after the break, but the continued to hide behind their players instead of coming forward to passes. They trailed 12-19 by half time. The third quarter was more even with some fantastic long distance goals by Storm’s GA, Debbie Watson. In the final quarter both teams played really well, but Hurricanes were picking up any lose balls and capitalising on their opportunities to win the game.

TNT Gym (26) v (55) Laurel Park Cyclones

A strong start by Cyclones saw them pull away quickly. Despite a stronger 2nd quarter for TNT, Cyclones continued to play the ball down court neatly and net goal after goal, leaving it 27-14 at half time. Cyclones dominated throughout the 2nd half. Unfortunately TNT were unable to convert their shots into goals and despite Cyclones going down to 6 players due to injury, they still managed to secure a convincing win.