Cyclones 9 v 17 Thunderbirds

Cyclones took to the court in what seemed like an age since our last match. The game started fairly evenly matched with some great interceptions by Lee-Teng (C) who rivalled the infamous ‘Flying Ali’ Haslam of past Cyclones seasons. The team’s defence, Stephanie Gadd (GD) and Kiran Mulvaney (GK) , tipped lots of balls and disrupted play in the D throughout, with Caity Robertshawe (WD) persistently marking her opposition so closely so that there were many less than accurate passes.

Julie Mason (GS) , Emily Ballinger (GA) and Kelly Thomas (WA) kept the movement up in the D, and throughout the game many of the players showed great flexibility and versatility to swap around positions and shake up play. Overall however, our play was simply too marred by mistakes to produce a really fluid game. Some promising moves and plays were overshadowed by faster movement, good changes of direction and increased accuracy by a young Thunderbirds squad and the final score was 17 – 9 to the opposition.

POM Kiran Mulvaney (GK/GD)