Hurricanes 28 v 17 Razzlers

Half an hour before the match started we were a player down she to car trouble ! luckily Coach Jill Fredericks was their and managed to whip into game mode to come and play a fantastic GK for us!
When we finally started the game we were slow to wake up (again)! Defence turned over some great balls but we couldn’t connect down the court to get it into our shooters to score. We still won the 1st Qtr but were only a goal in front.
With some changes we went in the second quarter. The teams defensive side had woken up and we were starting to move the ball better, but still not to our usual high standard, we ended the 2nd Qtr 10 all.
With some team talking from Jill, Coach Lisa Wise and some great tactical decisions, we went into the third confident we could turn our play around and we did!!
Jill (GK)  and Liz Johns(GD) in the defence circle communicated well and made clean clear interceptions, making it nearly impossible for the opposition to score. Erin Graham (WA) , Charley Louise Frain (C) and Jade Ballinger (GA) worked the circle edge beautifully to feed the balls into Shelli Read (GS) who finished in her usual style (at this point it keys to mention jade stepping up to GA and putting in some great shots herself!)
The final Qtr came and we really upped our game. Communication in the mid court between attack and defence was amazing and opposition were either getting called up for three seconds or we were turning it over before it entered the goal third
We finished the game in control and with Sophie Grindey (WD) and Charley Frain (C) being able to make the flying interceptions over the D we had be trying all game!!

Great finish to the season to finish 2nd top to our Clubmates Thunder, and win promotion.

Final score 28-17

POM Sophie Grindey (WD)