Hurricanes 24 v 10 Storm

Hurricanes took on Storm in the penultimate match of the mid week season.
After a slow and slightly frustrating start they got into it! Great shooting from POM Shelli Read and Megan Williams in very windy conditions meant that we won the first quarter.
We were now settled, and into the second quarter where they extended their lead. Great rebounds and defence in the attacking third from Jade Ballinger and Charley Louise Frain meant that defence hardly saw the ball down their end.
By the third quarter they were starting to enjoy the game more, convincing shooting and an excellent display from the defence of Hannah Edmond, Liz Johns and Sophie Grindey meant that the opposition struggled to convert shots. Quick sharp play lead to many turnovers for us.
This continued into the 4th quarter leading to the 24-10 win. It was really a great show of defence from the whole team with only 6 goals in total being scored by the opposition in quarters 2 and 4
This couldn’t have been achieved without the avid supporters of Holly Walsh and Laura May Pitcher on the side who are always missed when they can’t play,