Tornadoes 66 v 10 Woodley Spitfires

Tornadoes took on Woodley Spitfires today in Bracknell. Despite a slow and quiet start we managed to pull away from the start making good interceptions and turning over the ball regularly. Vicky Hellowell was a fab GS holding the GK out to leave lots of room for me to run into and converting her own shots and we ended the first quarter 25-2. Woodley made some changes that meant more pressure on us in attack but Jodie Penny (C) and Kate Bradley (WA) worked the ball round well with support from Elaine Maxwell (WD) and Emily Smith (GD). Despite Andrea Rose (GK) spending a bit off court to receive some extensive bandage work to prevent her losing too much blood from her grazed knee after a fall, we ended the first half somewhere around 38-4.
The third quarter meant some more work in attack to increase on goal differencr and saw some great defensive work in the circle picking up rebounds and loose balls with a score of 53-6 at the end of the quarter.
We lost focus a little in the fourth quarter and some sloppy passes and missed goals meant we finished on a score of 66-10. A solid win and good play from everyone involved.
POM Kate Bradley (WA)