Whirlwinds 25 v 26 Allsorts

Whirlwinds took on Allsorts this morning in a match that was full of super tight marking, turnovers and great even play. The first quarter was very close indeed as the defences at both ends of the court made life very tough for the shooters. Quarter two was a good one for LP and we fought back into the lead with some great work by Michala Morgan-Jones(WA)  Sarah Majer (WD – who had a fabulous game today) and Lisa Castle (C) who’d stepped in to help us as centre. Quarter three was even again and Charlotte Morris (GS) and Emily Ballinger (GA) worked so hard to get room in the circle to keep our score ticking over. At the other end, Jill Fredericks (GK) was doing amazing work, especially helping Tamryn Lawrence (GD)  out with a particularly tricky GA! Allsorts got past us in the last quarter and scored the winning goal as the whistle sounded – our desire to win just forced a few errors in the final few minutes that were our undoing unfortunately. Still, a great game and the close score is a good consolation. POM, deservedly, went to Jill Fredericks (GK) and thanks again to Lisa Castle (C) – two games as centre in one morning deserves some kind of medal!