RESULT RDNL D2 Midweek 29/4/15

Thunder took on Vipers in what was a must win match if they are secure promotion to Div 1.
Vipers started Q1 quickly and aggressively, with quick play and solid interceptions. LPT didn’t really find their stride in the first quarter and Vipers deservedly won Q1 9-4.
LPT entered Q2 knowing what they had to do to turn things around and delivered. Defence were solid and more often than not were the first to rebounds. Centre court play was far more controlled and they kept the ball well frustrating Vipers in the process.
LPT entered Q3 13-11 down, but they felt the momentum was with them and were confident they had more to give. They put 10 away in Q3 compared to Vipers who only scored 3. This was largely down to defence who remained strong and calm and shooters hardly missed.
Q4 and LPT were 20-15 up and knew they only had to retain possession and keep their heads to win. Vipers fought back, but again defence remained strong and often frustrated the shooters.
LPT won the match 23-20 which was a fantastic result considering the slow start.
POM Clare Carver (WD)

Puts LPT 2nd in league with promotion hopes alive