Cyclones 13 v 14 Netchicks

Cyclones team took to the court tonight with some new players added at Theale in windy conditions for a game against Netchix. New players Tamryn Lawrence and Beth O’Dwyer played with conviction in defence and attack respectively.

Some good tips and interceptions from LP meant possession was evenly matched and Cyclones took advantage of some technical errors to convert this to goals. Some excellent movement in the D from Julie Mason and Beth meant many shots at goal, lots of which converted to keep the score steadily rising. However Netchix also had some brilliant shooting from a distance and kept the game very competitive throughout. Tamryn found some super space on court and midcourt players worked hard to keep it out until the shooters were ready. Great defending and tips from Kate Bruno and Kiran Mulvaney meant some disruption for Netchix attack but they pipped us to the post in an exciting 4th quarter and beat Cyclones 14-13.

Congratulations to Tamryn who was POM